Welcome to Cordia

This is the social media for music. Cordia is designed to feel like the social apps we use everyday and is completely dedicated to discovering and sharing music

Profiles, done right

Cordia has profiles designed for music and customized by you. Display your favorite genres and favorite song or even add some personal flair with profile badges. Your music is very personal, so your profile should reflect you

Posts made to share

Choose which genres you think the post falls into, and share how you feel about the music. Songs come with free previews, and each post comes with links to open them in different music providers.

Crowdsourced discovery

Cordia is designed for discovery. Find users who share similar music taste and explore different cultures of music.

Integrated with your music

Cordia works hard with third parties to improve your user experience. With the options to link your Spotify and Apple Music accounts, you gain access to additional functionality, such as saving liked songs to your library and easy access to your recently played songs and playlists

Cordia, how you like it

With support for numerous different color schemes, it's never been easier to feel comfortable while using Cordia. You even have the ability to change the appearance of your app icon in the homescreen